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Skirts have always remained one of the most popular part of a womens fashion. Their popularity among girls can be judged from the fact that there may hardly be a woman's clothing store where you won't find skirts showcased in several designs and sizes. So if you are one of the fashionistas seeking top quality womens skirts in Pakistan you are at the right place! Kaymu is a home to the largest variety of skirts for girls available in all sizes and styles to match their womens clothing preferences. There are long skirts, short skirts, pleated skirts, pencil skirts and many more. In order to help you diversify your wardrobe with a full range of women's skirts, Pakistan's largest online marketplace Kaymu has penned the following guide.

Which Skirts Would Best Work for Me?

Well, this is a pretty common question! Many women are quite unsure about the skirts that would best suit their physique and looks. Let Kaymu guide you about the skirts that would best match your persona.

Tall Women: If you are one of the tall women who are enthusiastic about the skirts, you need looking for the mid-length or long skirts available at Kaymu. The asymmetrical skirts would help you emphasizing on your gorgeous legs and add to your personality. In fact, the ladies long skirts made out of any fabric would suit tall women. Women will long legs should compliment their long skits with long womens boots and should avoid mini skirts as they would made them look odd instead. Moreover, they should balance out there legs with flat ladies shoes and a top that doesn't reveal the body.

Boyish Women: Women with a boyish figure and smaller bust should ideally opt for pencil skirts that would offer the illusion of curves. There are circle skirts, pleated plaid skirts and tiered skirts that help adding curves to a woman's body in a nice way. The stiffness of denim skirts can also be a great help for boyish women for creating the look of hips.

Curvy Women: The women with a curvy figure should look for skirts with a slight flare. The skirts such women buy should only cover the knee and shouldn't be longer or shorter than this to ensure just right look. The skirts with flat fronts and back closures would help making curvy women appear sexier. For those women whose curves make them a bit bottom-heavy, there are silk skirts available at Kaymu that end at the narrowest part of the knees. For women who are bulky in the middle, there are skirts without waistband as well as those with a dropped-waist in order to help de-emphasize on the bulky area. Skirts with pleats that begin at the waist are to be avoided by curvy women.

Petites: Petite women should opt for straight skirts that are slightly flared such as pencil skirts or A-line skirts. The maxi skirts are not the right choice for such women. The slender women should have their skirts just above the knees whereas for women who are larger on the top should go for skirts that cover the knees. The skirts with vertical stripes or seams can also turn quite helpful in adding to your height.