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Complete any outfit in style with the wide range of Women's Jewelry at Kaymu. Our jewelry collection features necklaces for women, rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, anklets and other jewelry sets in a variety of colors, designs and materials to suit every woman's personal taste.

For centuries women's jewelry has been used as a personal adornment often historically used to signify social or marital status and symbolic meaning. These days, womens fashion jewellery is a great way to showcase your personal style and enhance any outfit from a look of understated elegance to a bold, eye-catching ensemble; artificial jewelry can be matched with every outfit and is a cheap way to accessorize your style. A great collection of versatile jewelry designs is a must have for every woman.

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Add a bohemian inspired, free-spirited touch to your look with rings for women, silver jewelry designs, pendants, necklaces or womens bangles with crystal, beaded or embossed details. Check out our latest designs of ladies jewelery collection and find just what you're looking for online jewellery shopping in Pakistan.

For an edgy approach look buy online jewelry in Pakistan at; we have a range of necklaces, rings, earrings for women and bracelets with skull and cross details or in bold, over-sized styles. Put the finishing touches on a feminine ensemble by adding a delicate fashion jewelry from Kaymu or give your look a quirky twist with one of our jewelry pieces with playful pendant details such as clocks, cutlery and cameras.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Imitation Jewelry

The imitation jewelry has taken the world with a bang as it has replaced the expensive gold jewelry at majority of the occasions around the world. The imitation jewelry is cheap and hence affordable for almost everybody. However, if it is not taken good care of, it would end up being useless. Kaymu being your premier Pakistani jewelry online store makes sure that you get the best jewelry at most competitive pricing. So before you finally go for online jewelry shopping in Pakistan, here are some tips that would help you take due care of your imitation jewelry and make it last longer:

Treat just like your Expensive Gold Jewelry:

Just because your imitation jewelry is inexpensive, it doesn't mean that you treat it roughly and keep it unprotected. In fact, it demands your special attention.

Store it in Cool, Dry Place

What completely ruins womens jewellry is a hot and humid environment. You need making sure that you store it in a dry and cool place to make sure that it doesn't catch rust.

Avoid spraying perfume over the jewelry

Perfume is one of the biggest spoilers of artificial Pakistani jewelry so you need to keep it at an arm's length. In case you need wearing perfume or deodorant, spray it on your clothes before you wear your artificial jewellery.

Store it in a Plastic Bag

Many people complain of their imitation jewelry in Pakistan being ruined despite great care, the reason being the do not know where and how to keep it. If you'll keep your artificial jewelry in a jewelry box, it would get rusted and its polish would fade away. So, always store imitation jewelry in a plastic bag, which would allow keeping it shining and last longer than your expectations.

Kaymu has a wide range of handmade jewelry, antique jewelry and bridal jewelry designs to mix and match with bridal dresses in Pakistan. Moreover you can also find the best Indian jewellry designs in Pakistan online at So what's the wait? Browse our range of imitation jewelry and place your order online with kaymu pakistan.

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