The Citizen's Foundation-Rahbar-Exposure Trip @Kaymu

The Citizens Foundation Rahbar Program, for its 20th volunteer cycle, is bringing its students from underprivileged schools to Kaymu for the 'Exposure Trip'. The main objective of the Exposure Trip is to add to the knowledge of 8th/ 9th graders from underprivileged schools about other white collar professions and career options and to emphasize on how certain levels of education are required to establish a respectable career!

The Citizen's Foundation-Rahbar-Exposure Trip @Kaymu

Around 70 young kids, from one of the TCF schools, along with their mentors will be coming over to the office on Saturday, Nov 28, for a short visit, to learn about career options available in an "office place".

By sharing the following insights:

  • a brief description of every department
  • what each of us does and how we contribute to the business
  • what education/ qualifications we have due to which we are where we are

We will be contributing to their aspirations and helping each of the young students develop a career path!

Details of the activity

Date: Saturday, Nov 28, 2015 (Next to Next Saturday!)

Time: 9.00 a.m.-12.00p.m. (noon)

Venue: Karachi Office - Kaymu Pakistan