Kaymu Buyer Protection


Welcome to the Kaymu Buyer Protection, which allows you to shop with confidence. We work hard to ensure that you have a great buying experience with the #1 Online Shopping Community
What Does Kaymu Buyer Protection Cover?
Orders Paid By Cash On Delivery
72hrs Standard Kaymu Return Policy
By default all products listed on Kaymu have a 72 hours return policy for damaged, broken and wrong products. If you receive a damaged, broken or wrong product, you are entitled to a refund or replacement as long as you notify the seller within 72h of receiving the product.
Assistance to ensure sellers live up to their Return Policy
On Kaymu we give the ability to sellers to define their own return policy on top of the mandatory Standard Kaymu Return Policy for all sellers. In case the seller refuses to accept the return, Kaymu will act as a mediator between you and the seller to ensure an optimal solution.

Orders Paid By Kaymu SafePay
Full Refund From Kaymu
In case the product is not delivered on time you can request a full refund from Kaymu
100% Money back if you don't like the product
If the product is broken, damaged or does not fulfill your expectations, Kaymu will return to you the full amount, as long as you notify us within the first 24 hours of receiving the product
72h Standard Kaymu Return Policy
Kaymu will only transfer the money to the seller after you have confirmed you have received the product and you are satisfied with it. By default, Kaymu will hold the money for 72 hours, before transferring it to the seller's bank account.

How Do I Use Kaymu Buyer Protection?
Check the Return Policy of the Seller
Only if the product has a valid return policy would the buyer protection covers it
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Contact the seller
90% of the issues can be resolved by contacting the seller directly
Open a Dispute
By opening a dispute you request Kaymu to mediate in case the seller is not complying with the Kaymu Return Policy terms.
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