What is Kaymu Safepay

Kaymu Safepay is a collection of guarantees that Kaymu offers to buyers who choose to prepay for their orders, using one of the SafePay methods.

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Why Use Kaymu Safepay
Kaymu holds your money for as long as the item is covered by the return policy set by the seller
We transfer the money to the seller only after you confirm you have received the order
In case delivery of the product took longer that 3 days, you are entitled to refuse the product upon delivery and request full refund by Kaymu
You get a full refund if the product is not dispatched in the 3 days of placing the order.
With Kaymu SafePay you can take advantage of lower delivery charges

How does Kaymu Safepay Work

Safepay You place an order and pay through Kaymu Safepay
The money is collected by Kaymu and we instruct the seller to dispatch the item
Safepay Seller Ships the Item
As soon as the seller gets confirmation from us, the item is dispatched
Safepay You receive the item and confirm delivery
Kaymu will call to confirm whether you have received the item and are satisfied with it
Safepay The money is transfered to the seller
We will transfer the money to the seller, only after the return policy of the seller expires

Or Or
Full Refund
If the product is not dispatched in the first 3 days
Get a Refund
If the product is not received within the days promised by the seller
100% Money Back
If the item delivered is broken or different from what you ordered