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Choose From Different Types Of Speakers

You can choose from different models of speakers in Pakistan such as Creative and Xpod speakers. Powered by Windows as well as Android operating systems, you can shop from a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and styles in different models. Shopping speakers from allows you to grab lowest speakers prices in Pakistan to meet your budget requirements.

Computer Speakers

These are identified by their number with the first number denoting the number of satellites and the second, after the decimal the number of woofers. There are different types of speaker systems such as 2-speaker systems and 2.1 speaker systems.

Car Speakers

You can find range of car speakers in Pakistan in a range of price online at Kaymu. There are instances when your car's speakers stop delivering their best or instead start to malfunction producing strange distorted sounds. An auto owner who is a music lover and wants to enjoy sharp, clear and lucid sounds or a deeper bass while listening to his favorite song, would be looking for the highest quality speakers.

Die hard music enthusiasts also buy premium quality home speakers to compare the quality of their systems (such whose system produces the best sounds) with other car owners having similar interests and inclinations. Others are simply looking to upgrade their existing systems to the latest version to allow a more exclusive music environment in their car.

The two main types of car speaker systems are explained below that are different from each other based on their drivers:

Component Speakers

Each speaker has a driver of its own so there are several drivers each devoted to its particular frequency range. These component speakers are set in different areas with sounds coming from their distinct areas making these speakers suitable for a complete music atmosphere.

Full Range Speakers

These are more widely used and thus more affordable. They feature a single driver which means that all the sounds originate from one particular area which is why these speakers do not have the sharpness and sound clarity that is delivered by component speakers.

There are different types of car speakers as well ranging from woofers to tweeters and mid-range speakers.

Portable Speakers

You can also find portable speakers in Pakistan at Kaymu Pakistan at the best possible prices. Whether you are looking for something to amplify the music at a friends' get together party you are throwing or just want superior music and sound from your iPod, iPhone, notebook or laptops, we have it covered for you! USB powered speakers are also one type of portable and light weight speakers that can act as your companions on a long road trip.

Your choice of speakers is likely to be based on your audio needs. Order the best bluetooth speakers for your computer or laptop etc. Not just speakers, but you can also shop woofers for your car from Kaymu. What are you waiting for! Avail great deals and discounts on speaker prices in Pakistan with delivery across all major cities.