APACIG's Companies in Pakistan Partner with Wi-tribe to Enhance User-Experience

3rd April, 2015.

The ICT boom in the South East Asia region has opened the floodgates of progress in the e-commerce area and online transactions continue to add value to the users in this landscape.
With the aim of promoting e-commerce progress and catering to the diversified needs of online customers seven notable ventures in Pakistan from the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG) have partnered with wi-tribe to further enhance their online solutions.

As part of the collaboration, wi-tribe has optimized APACIG's Pakistan websites to reduce loading times for their users by 30%. This update will appear on seven company sites: online shopping community, real estate classifieds, car classifieds, online food order delivery service, bus travel platform Clickbus, hotel portal Jovago, and online retailer In addition to that, wi-tribe and APACIG ventures are also offering customers a range of discounts while using these online platforms.
This partnership is a collaboration between APACIG and wi-tribe to promote e-commerce in Pakistan and support the flourishing online community in the country. In an effort to boost local entrepreneurship, wi-tribe will offer sellers special discounted packages that provide faster and easier Internet access.
Wi-tribe's CMO Ali Fahd expressed his thoughts on the partnership stating,
"Wi-tribe and its partner companies are abreast of the online needs of the customers in this era of e-commerce and interactive transactions. Dynamic companies cannot be complacent to this paradigm shift in the way online users do business, shop, buy, sell or make any transaction digitally.With the shift in customer preference, companies are also aligning their business strategies to fulfill these on-the-go needs of their customers and continue to find ways to add value to their online experience."
This step marks the first of many synergies as the two organizations work towards building a sustainable and user friendly e-commerce landscape in Pakistan.

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