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Serious times call for serious smart dressing and this includes everything from suits, to hair, leather shoes, hanker chief, tie and a man's most important accessory – the watch. If you are wearing a designer suit costing thousands of dollars and genuine leather shoes costing another thousand then it only makes sense that you wear a formal watch that matches up to the standard. They are essential for being elegant and are an embodiment of complexity. Wearing a poor quality watch will only ruin your outfit completely.

There are many different types of men's watches in Pakistan available in the market today. Different styles of trendy formal watches include, brown/black/blue leather strap, calfskin, silver and gold metal chain watches, watches with big dial, watches with multiple tickers, each showing time from a different time zone, sunray dial and what not. When buying a formal watch it is always best to buy a neutral color and style so it can be paired with a number of different articles. Some hotcakes in watch brands are Armani, Casio, Gucci, Tissot, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Michael Kors, Omega, Hugo Boss, Rado, Movado, Patek Philips and several others.

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Find men's formal watches in Pakistan from where such watches are carefully selected. Only trusted sellers are allowed to stock their items on Kaymu so that time and again it can deliver quality products to its valuable customers. You can find the best available formal watches prices in Pakistan that tick. Order now for cash on delivery and absolutely free shipping.

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If you are a man of expediency and practicality then a broad range of casual watches in Pakistan available at is waiting for you. Masculinity oozes out of these sleek yet contemporary stylish casual watches which are perfect for everyday wear. Men's casual watches are made for every walk of life, you can wear them as a college student, university graduate and later as well.

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Best quality casual watches for men from all the top brands like Casio, Movado, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Emporio, G Shock, Ferrari, Monte Blanc, Carrera and Omega with latest styles are showcased at for Pakistani youth. So if you have bought it during your college years they will go on to university and then maybe even work. It is usually very hard to find casual watches in Pakistan at affordable prices but has made it all very easy by offering all the best casual watches and sports watches from best sellers at one place. With the click of a button you can browse through a vast collection of Tag Heuer, Diesel, Fossil and Tissot watches at our shopping store. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your desired casual watch today and get it delivered at your doorsteps with our Free Home Delivery & Payment on Delivery service.

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Discover a humungous range of men's designer watches in Pakistan online at When it comes to luxury designer watches for men, most brands such as Seiko, Casio, Rolex, Rado, Movado, Tag Heuer, Emporio and Tissot watches like to stick to the classic designs of crystal face, check-stamped dial. It is usually the strap which could either be made out of stainless steel or treated leather.

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You can get latest collection of designer watches for men from all the renowned brands such as Armani, Casio, Gucci and other mannish marvels only at A modern discerning gentleman looks incomplete without a sleek watch around his wrist. Designer watches available online in Pakistan at are a pre-requisite for being graceful and are an epitome of sophistication. Buy a classic piece of mens' designer wrist watches online with Free & Fast shipping along with Payment on Delivery offer at your doorsteps.

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A nice watch changes an entire look of a person within seconds. A wrist watch adds a lot of class and sophistication to the overall look that the wearer is going for. These days there is wide range of watches for men including with ladies watches designed by different brands. Buyers can choose from thousands of designs and colors and pick out the perfect one for themselves.

Wrist watches for men now are offered in a diversity of styles and are made from an extensive variety of materials, making them appropriate for work, sports, and special events. Contemporary watches come with additional features such as a stopwatch, alarm, and information about different time zones. Browse Kaymu for the latest designer men's watches in Pakistan from top of the line brands such as Guess, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Citizen, Titan, Armani, Fossil and Casio. Fashion enthusiasts can grab colorful watches of all types here at Kaymu. Take your pick from all the latest designs of wrist watches and get that regal look. The sporty spirits keep track of your personal best with water resistance LED watches with stretchy plastic watch straps.

Factors to Consider when Buying Men's Watches

There are several factors that buyers must consider when buying a watch. These factors will help the buyers make the right choice when getting a watch.

  • Watch Material

Consider the material from which the watch is made from. Different materials are used to make watches which includes; leather, platinum, gold, stainless steel, Titanium, rubber and so on forth. It is important for buyers to have some knowledge of the benefits and demerits of these materials. It is possible that you might have known or unknown allergies to some of them. It may be important for you to know that leather only lasts for around 5 years so pick wisely. Tissot watches come in all the above mentioned materials which buyers can easily find online at Kaymu.

  • Watch Dial Style

There are different designs of the dials for gents watches which buyers can get according to their preference. Buyers can choose from circular dials, rectangular, square and on forth. Different brands have introduced a wide range of styles for watches. Fossil watches come in all designs which buyers can get according to their choice. Also consider the watch movement of the timepiece that you want to buy. There are three kinds of watch movement: mechanical, automatic and quartz. Mechanical wrist watches are the most conventional whereas automatic watches make use of gears and finally quartz wrist watches rely on a battery. smart watches give the most precise time and are also very inexpensive.

  • Features

These days watches have amazing features which have never been seen before. Buyers can get watches that have Bluetooth and internet capabilities, GPS system, perpetual calendars, timers and different time zones. Some watches have inbuilt features like being water resistant, mud resistant and shock resistant which makes them worth the investment.

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Buy a range of designer watches, casual watches and formal watches for men in Pakistan from all the popular watches brands at Kaymu at the best possible prices. When a man buys a watch, it must be a timeless piece as watches are said to reflect a man's status, personality and style statement. Therefore, the investment made should be worthwhile.

Straps should be durable, made from the finest quality leather, comfortable fabric and/or stainless steel. Different brands offer designs which have the finest quality. CK watches are very popular because for their high quality and durability. Also buyers should set a budget for themselves and buy products accordingly. Price is not an issue at Kaymu because there are several discount deals available for the shoppers. The discount offers reduce the cost of products that the buyers want to buy.

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Whether a person needs to give a job interview, a sales presentation at work or take a loved one to a formal dinner date, buyers can shop for formal and designer watches that will make them look extremely classy. These include silver and gold wrist watches, stainless steel bracelets, and black watches.

If buyers need a casual watch for more regular use, they can have a look at our casual LED bands and bracelet watches. Water resistant LED watches are all the rage these days and ideal for men with a sporty appeal. They are also easy to use due to their stretchy plastic straps. Men's LED watches also have a torch built-in which helps people who like to camp or trek see in the dark.

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Choose from the biggest online collection of men's watches in Pakistan at the most reasonable prices. There are a lot of discount offers and bundle deals for the buyers at Kaymu. Buyers can avail these discount deals and sales which will reduce the cost of expensive products. Whichever products that the buyers choose to buy is delivered to them anywhere in Pakistan. Also with a cash on delivery option, online shopping is made convenient for the buyers.

For assistance buyers can contact the sellers directly by calling or texting them. Also for further queries, buyers can contact us by calling on the numbers provided. For a better buying experience, buyers should first check the seller's rating which will help them determine the best and most reliable seller. After choosing the seller, look at the products that he/she are offering and check the product ratings. The products ratings will help determine the bestseller products which were liked by other buyers. This will make your overall experience better and quick.

Choose from thousands of designs and colors of watches at Kaymu. Get the perfect watch for yourself or loved ones at Kaymu. Make your shopping experience stress-free by downloading Kaymu app which will help buyers shop from their phone. The app is compatible with all smartphones and is very easy to use. Have a nice experience at Kaymu!

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LED watches for men are the new thing this season. At, find some of the finest collections of LED watches in Pakistan. Kaymu offers international watches brands like Casio, Swatch, G-shock, Puma, Nike, Adidas and the other famous local brands for LED watches as well. With a tap of hand on the watch you can activate the LED light even in complete darkness with our Touch LED Watches.

Having a hard time deciding what to give your friend or son this year for his birthday or graduation? Choose from the dot-matrix LED watches from with their cool designs and exceptional functionality that will surely grab their attention and the best part, they are all available online with Free & Fast Shipping and Payment on Delivery offer at your doorsteps!

About LED Watches Range in Pakistan

The LED watches usually come with a big display as compared to the ordinary watches. They mostly make use of bright red or blue color in display. The usual appearance of a LED watch is a black screen on your wrist with flashing red time on it. The LED watches have evolved over years and today, they come bundled with a plenty of features. The prominent features of LED watches for men and women include but are not limited to a big display, option to adjust display frequency, lightweight, silicone strap, water resistance, anti-magnetic body, shock resistance and availability in white, black & many other colors.

Latest LED Watches Designs in Pakistan

The LED watches are available in a number of shapes and sizes that match various requirements. The most popular types of watches include Apple iPhone LED watches at the top of list alongside many other shapes and designs.

Most Affordable LED Watches Prices in Pakistan

With the wide-ranging LED watches in Pakistan, the prices also vary greatly depending on the type of material and the size of each watch. The Retro Vinyl LED watches have gained great popularity in the recent couple of years followed by many other models. Whether you are seeking LED, Lava, Puma, Apple, X Touch, Faceless, G Shock, Adidas, Casio or any other brand of LED wrist watches prices in Pakistan, Kaymu gives you the freedom of buying the one that is within your means.

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Kaymu gives its customers the ultimate freedom of using their Android or Blackberry device to buy their favorite LED watches. You can browse our range of LED watches and be assured of the best prices in Pakistan. Besides, our customer support and sales team is at your doorsteps round the clock. So, in case you have any questions or queries, please feel free getting in touch with one of our representatives for complete assistance.

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Buy sports watches in Pakistan for men online at In sports, it is very important to time yourself especially if you are practicing for a competition or if you are doing interval training at the gym. has range of men's sports watches that are designed to make every run count. Buy digital & analog sports watches which track your distance, space, time and calories burnt. When buying a sports watch one has to make sure it has good and comfortable grip. Usually rubber gives a comfortable shock proof grip around your wrist so you may run and exercise your heart out. Buy rubber sports watches designed for athletes with features like a convenient little window for date and one tap back light activation.

You can get access to all the popular brands for sports watches such as G Shock, iWatch, Tag Heuer, Casio, Ops Field and several other with our free & Fast Shipping offer. Enjoy our Free Shipping & 7-days return offer while shopping online at!

Men's LED sports watches, Men's waterproof sports watches and men's digital sports watches can shopped via Kaymu.

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These sports watches have batteries installed in their straps that counts the heartbeat. Big pioneering companies like Rado are totally into the business of making sports watches with features that can perform micro to macro functions. A waterproof sports watch of stainless steel case with a polyurethane strap bracelet is also available. From advanced GPS features to the ultimate in water resistance, these workout gadgets do it all.

It does not need any mention that how much importance sports and games carry in today's fast-growing and dynamic world. But getting out of your bed and reaching the gymnasium is not enough. You can still stay behind if you don't catch up with the digital age. This is where you need a sports watch. Men have to do a lot of multi-tasking while working out or running etc. They have to keep a count of for example, time, distance covered, calories burnt and all other related measures. So, instead of keeping a count with their mouth and inside their brain, they can pay their undivided attention to the exercise and the rest will be catered by the sports watch. And best of all, with one of these little wrist-gadgets taking such a heavy load off of your other concerns, you can put more energy and attention into what really matters that is, getting the most out of your workout.

Top Brands:

Calvin Klein Casio Emporio Armani Montblanc Rado Rolex Tag Heuer Tissot