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A wallet is perhaps the most important accessory a man can possess. Shop a versatile range of men's wallets in Pakistan at Kaymu Pakistan from renowned designers like Bovis, Levis, Nike, Aluma, Imperial Horse, in addition to others; and step out in style wherever you go. These days, wallets for men are available in so many different styles and designs that it becomes rather tricky to choose the one which is best suited to their needs.

Types of Wallets

There are different types of wallets for men, including the following:

Bi-Folds: This type of wallets is affordable and super-stylish.

Slim wallets: These help you carry the essential stuff only. Zippered wallets: Made for men who do not want to risk losing their precious belongings such as keys, and cash, these feature zips. Dual-purpose wallets: Dual-purpose wallets have separate compartments for holding your mobile phone as well as your money.

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Credit card wallets: Card holders for men allow a hefty set of credit cards and other business cards to be neatly and securely placed inside. Aluma wallets for men are very popular in Pakistan as they make it very convenient to take care of your credit cards etc.

Range of Wallet Designs, Patterns and Styles to Choose From

Pure leather wallets are classy and all-time classics. Some feature elastic bands to keep your cash and credit cards safe. From subtle wallets with minimal prints or designs, signature prints of various brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci etc., monochrome engraved silhouettes, to snake leather textures, we have everything you need!

If you are one for bright colors and hues, don't miss our outlandish range of bold colored wallets in reds, royal blues, oranges and greens etc., that are sure to dazzle you! For those of you out there who consider simplicity as the ultimate form of sophistication, we recommend you go for plain monotone leather wallets. Apart from leather, other materials available include nylon, polyester, and mixed materials, however, leather is more durable than any other fabric. Be it weddings, evening wear, parties, casual and formal wear, our diverse range of wallets is suited to every occasion.

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The concept that handbags and purses are made only for women is a fallacy. Therefore, many brands have come up with classy mens wallets online for everyday use. Looking for an uber-stylish college satchel or a classy briefcase to carry to your office? Shop from Kaymu and you are sure to fall in love with our amazing assortment of college and leather wallets in Pakistan.


Satchels are artistic and classy. They make you look neat and trim and thus, should be worn with a dress that complements their urbane look and appeal.


A briefcase is forever timeless and tasteful and is considered the business bag. They are perfect for placing and carrying laptops, tablets and important documents.


The tote bag has a casual appeal and you can literally stuff all your books (in the case of students) and other important documents (for business men).It has an open top which is ideal for putting or removing items on the move.

Kaymu; the Best Place for Online Wallets Shopping in Pakistan

Order now and benefit from free shipping and cash on delivery at your doorstep. Orders can now be placed online via Kaymu's mobile app for shoppers in Pakistan, allowing men to buy their favorite brand of wallets or bags.

Tips for Buying Men's Wallets

Unlike women, men cannot hold bags everywhere to carry their stuff. Therefore it is wallets that are generally used by men. Mens leather wallets are handy and durable and can be kept with any kind of clothes worn by them. Either casual or formal; eastern or western; leather wallets for men go with any clothing apparel. Long men wallets are also in fashion. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when buying a wallet.

  • Decide the number of things you want to stuff in your wallet. Make sure you are not compromising your comfort when selecting a wallet.
  • An ideal wallet has two compartments that you can easily place money and bills in it. Some wallets have card slots as well to keep your credit card safe.
  • Material of the wallet is very important. Leather wallets in Pakistan are sold more than any other wallet. Since the material is strong and durable, it is manufactured in formal and casual styles by a number of fashion brands. Gucci wallets, for example are made of pure leather which is why they are quite expensive. Levi's wallets however, are made of denim, cotton, etc.
  • Men's leather wallets are mostly available in neutral shades such as black and brown but the trendy wallets are now manufactured in a variety of colours. Red, blue, orange, etc. are the popular colours for wallets. Being sporty in nature, Louis Vuitton wallets are available in a variety of bold colours.
  • Your wallet adds to your fashion statement so choose them wisely. Formal gents wallets have a classic and elegant designs. Some casual wallets include zippers, and are preppy in nature.

Trendy Wallets for Men in Pakistan

Modern men today need to keep their gadgets and fashion accessories in an organized form so the growth of men's bags in Pakistan is on the rise. You need to focus on the purpose for which you want to buy the bag and then determine its size.

Leather wallets in Pakistan are a popular men's fashion used by all office going and college going men. In offices, these bags are mostly used for keeping your laptops or important documents within them. University bags however are available in varying styles and sizes, depending on the amount of thigs you have to put in them. You can easily carry your books, stationary and gadgets in them. Being durable, these bags are a long-term investment for college students.

You can now buy a variety of gents wallets and leather wallets for men in Pakistan at Kaymu. Available at reasonable prices and current styles, these are an essential accessory for men which cannot be ignored. You can also order men wallets in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and get them delivered at your doorstep.

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