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Most of the people love to purchase unstitched fabrics at reasonable prices and get them stitched by the tailors. The major benefit of buying fabric instead of stitched clothing is that you can design and style it the way you like it. It enables you to stand out from the crowd, because your outfit is one of a kind and represents your personality. At, you can browse through a range of unstitched suits in Pakistan for both men and women. The exclusive range includes suits from high end designers like Maria B, Zainab Chottani and Faraz Manan etc. and even from local sellers who offer finest quality printed cotton suits at a very affordable price.

Types of Unstitched Fabrics to Choose From:

You can either purchase natural or synthetic fabrics to create the outfit of your dreams. Most of the apparels use natural fibers, the most popular fabrics that are created from the plant based fibers are linen and cotton. These fabrics are very light and breathable, cotton is ideal for the hot and humid weather. On the other hand, linen suits are worn when the temperature starts to drop. Other sought after fabrics in Pakistan are wool and silk that are manufactured using animal fibers. Women love to wear formal outfits made with silk, they not only look luxurious but are also comfortable to wear.

Synthetic fibers are a blend of natural and man-made fibers, these include nylon and polyester. For men's unstitched dresses synthetic fabric is the most popular pick, as these fabrics are durable and can withstand regular washes and are also wrinkle resistant that means it takes less time and effort to iron them. Wash and wear is another favorite fabric for men's traditional dresses, this sturdy fabric retains its appearance even after frequent wear and laundering. If you purchase quality wash n wear fabric, then it will require no ironing at all, this fabric is available in a range of beautiful colors and does not shrink with everyday use.

When purchasing fabric to get a particular style stitched, another important aspect to keep in mind is the weight of the fabric. Light weight fabrics like cotton are ideal for making shirts, dresses and trousers. Whereas, in winter when it is cold outside you should buy heavy weight fabric to make clothes as they retain heat and keep the body warm.

Choosing the Right Print and Design:

At Kaymu you can explore a range of printed fabrics with striking patterns. Printed fabrics are a favorite for most of the women as they are very eye catching and you can mix and match them with a solid colored fabric to create the most unique Shalwar Kameez.

Buying Unstitched Fabric Online in Pakistan:

At Kaymu you can find the most colorful and higher quality fabric for both men and women without any need to trudge from one fabric store to another. You can also avail free shipping and other exciting deals exclusively available on the unstitched fabrics.

Pakistani Cotton- the quality fabric

Pakistan is one of the largest cotton producers in the world and is extremely famous for its cotton fabrics. Pakistani cotton is of exceptional quality and the prints and designs engraved into the fabric make the most fashionable cotton suits in Pakistan and abroad. People in Pakistan and abroad are very fascinated by cotton clothing because it is soft, cozy and breathable in hot weather. Spring and summer variety for men and women clothing specially consists of cotton fabrics that come in spectacular designs and tempting color combinations. Men shalwar suits especially are very popular as unstitched cotton suits and are widely available at various outlets in Pakistan. Men have a specific taste of cotton fabrics because they like to wear shalwar suits as a traditional dress at various casual and formal occasions and even at homes. Cotton suits for men also have an extensive range of designs, colors, prints and they have also become a very delectable choice for men of fashion.

Cotton Unstitched Suits Designs in Pakistan

Cotton suits for the season of spring and summer have already arrived and various stores are already stocked up with extensive variety of unstitched suits of cotton for men and women. Men usually buy unstitched suits as they have the option to get their favorite designs and also to get them stitched as per their choice. The unstitched dress material is very comfortable and comes in various attractive shades and prints. There are various types of suits of men that are very popular and are usually a regular choice among men like Tie-and-Dye prints, Sanganeri Hand prints, Kalamkari and the most soothing and usual type is the chicken kurtas. Chicken Kurtas are made of thin cotton and embellished with fine Lucknow embroidery. Usually the kurtas are white with white embroidery on neck and button lines.

Cotton is used for dress shirt fabric as well. They also come in diverse variety of designs like check prints, linings, small checks, patterns, textured shirts etc. the summer collection of men specially consist of cotton dress shirts because cotton is very cool and comfortable in summers and also looks stylish in formal wear. The rising cotton trend has evolved the cotton suits design in Pakistan as various designers and big brands are coming up with unique and contemporary cotton clothes every season.

Buy Quality Unstitched Cotton Clothing in Pakistan

Spring is here followed by summer and thus the demand for traditional cotton clothing has started. Now you can find the trendiest variety of unstitched cotton suits online as well and buy fashionable designer cotton suits online. Cotton fabrics are very fascinating and thus their huge demand has brought various online platforms with excessive cotton unstitched clothing. One can get the most exclusive variety of designer and usual cotton unstitched suits at and make your summer clothing completely extravagant. There are different kinds of unstitched dresses for men for both formal and informal wear as well as cotton fabric for dress shirts as well.