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Kaymu has a variety of selection in traditional shoes. Purchase any of the distinct fashion styles and brands, as Kaymu Pakistan has a diverse selection of latest traditional shoe trends available for this year. Whether you are looking for classic-styled shoes for formal or informal occasions, at Kaymu you are sure to find a men's shoes style you like, no matter what shoe-size you wear. Here you'll find dress, casual or walking shoes that allow you to go out in style, no matter where you are off to. Come browse and look through our large selection of men's shoes for both young and old alike.

Online Men's Traditional Shoes Shopping in Pakistan

Looking for that something special? That chic and fashionable shoe no one else has? Not to worry, Kaymu has what you are looking for, including peshawari chappals, khussas and kolhapuri chappals etc.

We have a huge and diverse collection of men's traditional shoes in Pakistan. So check in regularly to see our new and appealing additions. Don't hesitate we make buying cool-looking shoes easy, fun and safe. Choose from renown brands like Hugo Boss, Dockers, Levis, Nike, Prada and so much more. Just select our classic shoes category and a world of different shoe choices will open up for you. Choose beautifully crafted traditional shoes for men in a closed option, lace up, slip on, boot or any other style.

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Buy Peshawari Chappals Online in Pakistan at Kaymu!

Originating from Peshawar, Pakistan originally, Peshawari chappals or Peshawari sandals have taken the world by storm. Recently, a celebrated British menswear designer Paul Smith, inspired by Pakistani Peshawari chappals. With, you can shop peshawari chappals online at top-most quality and lowest prices in Pakistan. So if you too want to join the international fashion bandwagon and be part of the international demand for these chappals. Now buy all latest Peshawari chappals designs at Kaymu online shopping store at the most competitive peshawari chappal price in Pakistan.

Peshawari Chappals – A Style Statement

Peshawari chappals require almost no introduction since everyone in Pakistan is familiar with their traditional design. It is one of the most widely worn shoes for men in Pakistan and is often also referred to as 'Kheri'. The design of the Peshawari chappal consists of two wide strips which cross each other and are joined to the sole of the foot. The back side also has a strip with a buckle. It is traditionally made of pure leather, with the sole often being made of truck tires. You can find a range of all the Peshawari chappal latest designs, in a range of color variations as well as formal varieties with gold and silver threads woven through the leather to give a more formal and elegant look. You can also find heavily embellished designs, with multicolored threads and elaborate patterns in traditional designs. The classic chappal, however, is usually most common in black leather. Peshawari chappals have become increasingly popular and have caught up as a major fashion trend, especially among the urban youth. Even women can now be seen wearing some trendy designs of these Peshawari sandals and flaunting them away with style!

A Significant Part of our Local Culture

Almost every Pakistani man owns a pair of these Peshawari chappals, which are worn at times on an almost daily basis. Some men, however, like to reserve special kolhapuri chappals for cultural and traditional wear as well, paired with traditional kurtas or mens shalwar kameez and even jeans. They look the best paired with kurtas, especially on cultural and religious festivities such as Eid and our local colorful weddings. Peshawari chappals are a significant part of our national identity and local dress, and every man in Pakistan has owned and worn a pair at some point in his life.

Online Peshawari Chappal Shopping in Pakistan at

So if you too want to follow the latest national and international trends and buy something along the lines of Paul Smith's version of Peshawari chappals or are very own brilliantly designed local chappals, Kaymu offers you all the latest varieties of Pakistani traditional shoes in a plethora of funky colors and traditional designs. Create style trends with Peshawari chappals in Lahore as well as all over Pakistan. Pair up your chappals with your trendy kurtas or traditional shalwar kameez or even jeans, and get ready to flaunt away your local style. Have all sorts of chappals delivered to your doorstep with the ease of online shopping in Pakistan through Kaymu; find the best Peshawari chappal prices in Pakistan with easy home delivery and cash on delivery services!

Buy Men's Kolhapuri Chappals in Pakistan at Unbeatable Prices

Kolhapuri chappals form part of our rich culture and heritage. The tradition of wearing Kolhapurri chappals is age-old and ancient. Kolhapurri chappals are a kind of flip flops that are artfully woven and handcrafted by artisans. The Kolhapuri chappal originated in India with its classic open style of T-shaped shoes that are worn by men and women alike. They are locally dyed with vegetable color that gives them an eastern and retro touch. History points out that the custom of wearing Kolhapuri chappals began in the 13th century. Kolhapur is a district in the state of Maharashtra, India. Made from thread as well as buffalo skin, this signature style of shoes is a class apart and has a very trendy appeal. We observe many stylistic variations in the designs of Kolhapuri chappals even for different regions in Pakistan and these are reflected in the various designs Kolhapuri chappals in Pakistan. Kolhapurri chappals are also highly popular in Pakistan due to their casual and ethnic appeal. When worn with mens kurta shalwar, they look highly traditional.

KolhaPuri Chappals– Forever Classics

The Indian Kolhapuri Chappal is traditionally made of leather and dyed with the help of vegetable colors. Kolhapurri Chappals for men can be worn on a variety of occasions including casual and semi-formal events as well as a number of family gatherings and weddings.Their passé appeal is what makes them unique and a trendsetter. If women are looking for a nice pair of ethnic shoes for Eid and still haven't met with much success, they will find that their worries are just about to end. They can find Kolhapurri Chappals in Pakistan with embroidered straps, motifs and accents,and wear them on the occasion of Eid. From you can shop online and get best discounts on kolhapuri chappal price in pakistan.

Pakistani Kolhapuri Chappal Available Online

We see some variations in the Pakistani version of the Kolhapurri chappal, particularly in terms of the various styles and colors available for both men and women. Apart from the traditional shoes and chappals of of brown color, they are also available in other colors such as black and maroon. You will find the best Kolhapuri chappals designs in Pakistan are very reasonable. You can also find one-off discounts and promotional offers on special days such as Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day,and Women's Day etc.

Shop for Khussa Shoes for Men Online in Pakistan

Khussa shoes in Pakistan are traditional, handcrafted footwear that are very popular in the sub-continent. They are completely hand crafted by artisans - including the cutting, embroidery and stitching - using leather and superior stitching techniques. The process includes vegetable tanning, leather curing, cutting and sewing the insole, outsole and vamp. The upper part of khussas are made by leather or other textiles embroidered in all sorts of unique designs and patterns and embellished with mirrors, beads, sequins and vibrant colorful threads. The upper and lower parts of these Pakistani traditional shoes are sewn together by cotton thread, often bright and ornate, which is eco-friendly and also adds great strength to the leather fibers.

Uniqueness of Traditional Men's Khussas in Pakistan

The unique features of khussas is the fact that both the left and right shoe are the same and can be worn interchangeably. They also come in varying sizes, and have no standard size forms. The quality of khussas depends on the type of leather used and the best khussas have both the upper and lower soles of the same color and are made of thick and stiff leather which you have to break into. Once broken into, khussas can become one of the most comfortable type of footwear. Luckily, has latest mens khussa collection which you can buy at lowest mens khussa price in pakistan.

In ancient times, Indian khussas were worn by royalty, threaded and woven in gold and silver threads and embellished with precious gems and pearls – a perfect testament of luxury and opulence. Overtime, however they have evolved through the centuries to be worn by almost everyone in India and Pakistan. Individual artisans create unique and inspiring designs with beautiful khussas varying in colors, designs and patterns. Khussa shoes for men are the perfect encapsulation and epitome of cultural diversity, local traditions and ethos, and ethnicity.

Traditional khussa designs are usually blended together with contemporary designs and techniques, creating the perfect fusion of tradition and style. Various shapes and designs are often appliqued and sewn into the upper parts of the khussas. Intricate designs are usually threaded out with multicolored threads and embellished with stones, beads and sequins resulting in brilliant designs and unique creations.

Khussa Shoes for Men in Pakistan

They are usually worn by women throughout the year and are known for their comfort and traditional style factor. Men usually wear them on local and cultural celebrations and religious festivities such as Eids and Pakistani weddings. Many grooms also wear the traditional pointed khussas with their traditional wedding attire, completing the look of the perfectly traditional Pakistani groom. Men's khussas usually have a sharp extended tip which is curved upwards and is known as the 'nok'. Khussas are the most commonly worn footwear on Pakistani weddings and have created quite a niche for themselves.

However, nowadays khussas have become a much more integral part of Pakistani fashion and you can see many trendy men and women, especially the urban youth, wearing these shoes with almost all sorts of attire.

Looking for traditional varieties of men's sandals? You can find a range of all such khussas and other traditional sandals online at Kaymu. Find a range of khussa shoes for men and young boys and kids online in Pakistan, as well as khussa Indian shoes, Multani khussa and Indian khussa shoes in the best designs from famous khussa shops such as Khussa Mahal at the most affordable prices, with easy home delivery and cash on delivery services!

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