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Men's slippers or commonly known as mens chappals especially in the summer are indispensable! When it gets warm outside, it is even more important than on cold days that our feet can breathe which is achieved best by wearing light men's slippers. In order to guarantee a good foot climate, it is best to use real leather sandals. Slippers are open shoes, but in contrast to sandals they don't have straps or laces in the back. That way they don't slip off your feet as easily as flip flops or slip-ons and can also be worn on uneven ground. Most men's sandals also offer great sturdiness and grip thanks to their molded outsole. offers a great variety of comfortable men slippers in Pakistan by renowned brands such as Nike slippers, Puma slippers and Adidas slippers, Clarks and several other so that everyone can find their perfect pair. Just take a look around our online shop and you will also find your favorite slippers.

Highly Comfortable Men's Slippers in Pakistan

Nothing is more relaxing and comforting for your feet than a perfectly sized pair of slippers. Slippers or mens chappals come in a variety of styles and materials that suit different preferences however the primary objective behind this type of men's shoes is providing maximum comfort to the feet. The slippers come in a number of designs and styles; some designed as casual footwear while others for activities like walking, driving, partying etc.

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Types of Slippers Available at Kaymu Pakistan

Before you finally choose a slipper for you, it is important for you to know the types of slippers available at Kaymu and the one that will perfectly fit your requirements.

Ankle Boots

Boots are the kind of footwear that comes with a number of variations and to many people's surprise, they are available in slipper style too. Due to their thick insulation, the ankle boots protect your feet and are made out of leather or other materials with wool shearling linings.


The moccasins are kind of slippers based on leather mens moccasins from Americas. Made out of either leather or similar materials, the moccasin slipper shoes for men have a hard sole and provide a great deal of comfort. Besides, Kaymu also has a range of chappals for men with soft inner lining to allow you do all your activities without hurting your feet.


The slippers for men made in loafer style are known as the most versatile type of slippers because they can be worn for all kinds of activities in all kinds of weathers. Moreover, they can be worn with all kinds of clothes including casual as well as semi-formal.


The name may leave you confused as the booties are for newborns however, these are not the booties for newborns; they are for everyone. The booties slippers for men are made for wearing around the house on a cold day.

Novelty Slippers

These are oversized plush slippers that are usually manufactured in different types of creative and funny shapes. They may be in the shapes of cartoon characters, animals etc. The novelty slippers are also available at Kaymu with various sports team names and logos for the sports lovers. offers all brands of mens chappals and slippers for men including Adidas, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Leopard, Croc and many more. Start shopping chappals for men online and best prices in Pakistan from

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