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Sandals are the most worn footwear for men in the world. They are famous for their comfort and durability. Kaymu has a huge variety of men's sandals in Pakistan available for online shopping which are water and pressure resistant so once you have bought pair of men's sandals from Kaymu you know you are good for several years.

When it comes to outdoor footwear, nothing compares to the ease of rubber sole and adjustable polyester straps sandals from brands such as Adidas, Nike, Kito, Tommy Hilfiger, Clarks, Adda, Wofa as well as Peshawari Sandals for men and mens designer slippers which fit perfectly for all types of feet and occasions. Pair these sandals up with jeans, pants or shorts, they look great with any outfit. Buy funky printed or solid plain sandals from Kaymu at the click of a button with convenience of free & fast shipping along with payment on delivery offer at your doorsteps all over Pakistan.

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Sandals with Exposed or Covered Toes

Being your one stop online destination for men's footwear shopping, Kaymu offers men's sandals in Pakistan from all brands in all designs and types. The sandals with exposed as well as covered toes are available at Kaymu to suit different footwear needs. The types of sandals for men available in Pakistan at Kaymu include:

Dress Sandals:

Usually made out of leather or other expensive materials, the dress sandals aren't the right choice for formal settings. Instead, these are best choice when it comes to outdoor cocktail party, sports tournament, or even horse race. The semi-dressy slacks are best clothing for use with dress sandals.

Fisherman Sandals:

The fisherman sandals are a memory of the ancient times. They come with a thick sole and wide leather straps. Apart from this, the fisherman sandals have big metallic buckle too. Apart from allowing the feet to breath, they allow them to stay wet and cozy. The fishermen in the old age used to catch fish in water while wearing these sandals, however, later they become a part of fashion footwear.

Sports Sandals:

As the name tells, the men's sports sandals in Pakistan are made for sportsmen seeking ultimate comfort with practicability. These come with additional padding on the soles in order to allow smooth and comfortable running. Not all the sports sandals for men come with the open toes, however, it depends solely on the size and kind of design they come with.

Flip Flops:

The flip flops are among the oldest type of sandals for men in Pakistan that instigated from Japan's Geta Shoes. Flip flops for men also come in a number of designs and styles suiting varied footwear needs. Those made out of rubber are best choice for many people because of being easy to clean and to maintain.

Slide-in Sandals:

The slide-in sandals come usually with a single larger strap that runs from the top to the foot. They are considered highly comfortable and more reliable than any other types of men's sandals by many people. The slide-in sandals can be worn in all types of events including formal as well as casual.

Get Most Affordable Sandals Price in Pakistan

With Kaymu as your online shopping destination, there can't be a better time to buy sandals online. The latest variety of summer shoes and sandals has just arrived at your premier online marketplace. The footwear sellers from across Pakistan are offering lowest prices for all types of leather sandals for men at Kaymu.

Shop for the Finest Men's Sandals in Pakistan

Nothing feels great that quality footwear. Not only can quality footwear be really comfortable to wear but it can also make a strong fashion statement. When it comes to casual footwear, sandals are a popular choice all over the world. In Pakistan, there are many sandal designs, some international and others local. One of the most famous Pakistani sandal design is the Peshawari Chappal. Peshawari Chappal is high in demand, especially after famous personalities like Imran Khan, made it famous by wearing it regularly. Such was the success of this trend that manufacturers made sandals named after him (Kaptaan Chappal). You can now buy a range of different sandal designs online in Pakistan at amazing prices right here at Kaymu.

Men Sandals Online Shopping Made Easy at Kaymu

There are many famous brands who manufacture sandals for casual wear which are designed for durability and comfort. Kito sandals for men are another popular choice for casual and sportswear sandals. There are also formal or elegant sandals manufactured both by local and international brands. To help you pick out the best sandal, the following comprehensive guide will be really useful.

What to Look for When Buying Casual Sandals for Men

The first thing to consider is where you will be wearing the sandals. If you have an active lifestyle and go on regular treks, you will be needing a durable and water resistant sandal. This will provide you the maximum comfort on hard terrains and rocky surfaces. On the other hand, if you want to a sandal to wear on formal events with mens shalwar kameez, then a Peshawari Chappal or Khussas can be a really good choice. Tan, brown and black colors are extremely popular in this category. If you want to wear it on the beach, then nothing can beat a pair of flip flops. No matter what sandal you choose, buying the proper fit is essential. Too short or long size will make you look really out of place. If you are stuck between sizes, opt for the larger size. Choose neutral colors when buying sandals. Black and brown sandals go with majority of things in your wardrobe.

As the largest online shopping community in Pakistan, Kaymu provides buyers the opportunity to buy sandals at the best prices. Buyers can get the sandals delivered to them at their doorsteps. To facilitate buyers, Kaymu also offers easy modes of payment and practical return policies.

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