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While women have a choice with the skirts and tights, men tend to restrict mostly to pants. There are a few types of mens pants in Pakistan; from shorts and jeans to casual men's trousers and dress pants. For formal wear, dress pants are worn with suits to give a polished look. They are usually of the same color as the other elements of the suit and have a crease in the front. In order to appear dashing, they should be tailored according to your size, as oversized pants never look good. They should preferably be slim-cut, so as to give your legs the right shape instead of being too skinny or too baggy. Similarly, there are also some ground rules that need to be followed when wearing jeans. As with formal pants, slim fit jeans flatter your legs and give a much better look overall. Whether they are dress pants or jeans, they should not be too long and should end at the point where your shoes start.

Diverse Range of Dress Pants for Men Available Online

On Kaymu, you will find a variety of cheap casual pants for men in Pakistan. If you are looking for something different, go for trendy checkered trousers for men, but if you want to stick to the classics, opt for a pair of nicely tailored wrinkle free dress pants in Pakistan. For casual wear, shorts, khakis and cargo pants are also available. All the renowned brands of dress pants such as Levi's, Nike, Dockers, Denim, Versace, RoadSide, Pinko Soprani and several other are available here. Simply log on to Kaymu, browse through our selection of t-shirts for men, shorts, khakis and dress pants and other men suits, and choose the one you like best!

Dress Pants

Dress pants for men are commonly worn for offices but there is also a chic collection that is apt for the ceremonies either official or family parties. Following are few names that demonstrate the exclusive tang of fashion in terms of pants or trousers for men of all ages.

Camouflage Trousers

Camouflage has wise link with army. This is actually a pattern, design or coloration which makes the appearance of the object hard to distinguish. This technique is usually observed in the uniforms of soldiers who have to hide from the enemies and create disillusion. Camouflage trousers are finest either as a part of uniform or even as fashion wear for the men.

Khaki Pants

Khaki is a very decent yellowish brown color added to the attires. Khaki pants suit nearly all sorts of tops and men look even more handsome by wearing this shade. The light shades of shirts for men or jeans for men like light purple, pink and blue will look the best on men of nearly all ages and professions.

Cotton Pants

Cotton is quite a breathable fabric. It is environment friendly and much more durable, due to which the choice of cotton pants is always worthy. The variety in colors and patterns of these hypoallergenic pants are suitable for all kinds of occasions and never fail to illustrate their beauty.

Relish the Cargo Trousers in Pakistan

Cargo trousers in Pakistan are specifically utilized for military purposes but all sort of outdoor activities especially the tough tasks are easily conducted by wearing these trousers. They give enough flexibility to the legs to carry heavy items and walk with ease. These pants have patch pockets that are often closed with the help of flap. The rugged stitching and hard fabric makes them the best army trousers.

For more durability and strength, these apparels are sewn with felled seams. These garments give the comfort to easily bend at hip and knee. For online trousers shopping in Pakistan, Kaymu is the platform that offers feasible rates.

Docker Pants - the Sophisticated Style for your Body

American association called Levi Strauss and Co. offers a line of products under the brand name called Dockers. The style of these merchandises were largely based on the concept of casualty and professionalism at the same time, which might resemble the khaki pants range in terms of color and few design patterns. This is also to make the office dresses more comfortable. Docker pants have different lines of fits encompassing slim, straight, classic and relaxed. Signature Dockers are made up of cotton and are wrinkle resistant. Alpha collection is much more slim range with tapered leg fits. So to buy Dockers Pakistan with comfort of shipment, choose Kaymu.

Guidelines for Buying Dress Pants for Men

Before you finally psych yourself up for buying pants in Pakistan. Here are a few things you need considering in an attempt to avoid any inconvenience afterwards.

Pants with pleated front or Flat-front

Before you finally begin with your journey of online trousers shopping in Pakistan, you need figuring out the type of pant you need. The men's pants with pleated front are ideal choices for men with larger thighs or those carrying some extra pounds low on their torso. The pants with one or two pleats give a classic overall look for men with healthy figure however slim men won't look really good in this type of pants. On the other hand, the pants with flat front are a great choice for those with slim build.

Button or Zipper

Many men do not care about the button or zipper however others are really conscious about one kind. So if you have strong feelings with the zip-fly pants or with the button-fly cotton pants, you should go for the specific one.

Slash or Slit Pockets

Many pants come with angled pockets which are located on the sides; also known as the slash pockets. When it comes to new style pants or dress pants the patch pockets are rarely found; instead the slit pockets are preferred. The pants with slit pockets from popular brands such as Dockers Pakistan and other men's wear in Pakistan are commonly without a button closure.

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