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Mens moccasins have left a significant impact upon the growing trend of mens fashion 2016. And why not! If everyone is looking for a perfect pair of moccasins in Pakistan to fulfill both their fashion and footwear needs.. Here! Kaymu is the ultimate online shopping destination for buying all types of men's moccasins at affordable prices. Let Kaymu help you by providing the latest range of moccasins shoes designs from all renowned footwear brands in Pakistan. If we have a look at moccasins, they are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable shoes for men around. The best thing about this kind of men's shoes is that they are ultra-comfortable but at the same time, give a formal look. Different men's footwear brands in Pakistan manufacture many different types of moccasin shoes. Please continue reading Kaymu's guide on types of men's moccasins to know more.

Moccasin Shoes Brands Styles in Pakistan

As mentioned above, there are many different types of men's moccasin shoes in Pakistan that can blend perfectly even with mens shalwar kameez. Please read about each of them to make sure that you buy the shoe that perfectly defines your footwear needs.

Moccasins with Soft Sole

The soft sole moccasins are considered by men as the most comfortable substitute to being barefoot. Their super-soft soles can be worn around the house as well as outside on a casual day. These shoes are usually lined with sheepskin and keep feet toasty warm without causing them to feel sweaty and hot. The soft sole moccasins are made for wearing indoors however they can also be worn outdoors with casual mens jeans. The most popular in this style are the hush puppies moccasins in Pakistan.

Double Bottom Soft Sole Moccasins

If you are looking for moccasins that offer unrivalled flexibility and durability, the best choice is to look for a pair of double-bottom soft sole moccasins. These shoes for men offer special comfort and last two times longer than that of a normal soft sole moccasin. If your feet are very sensitive and get tired too soon, you should ideally opt for double bottom soft sole moccasins.

Crepe Sole Moccasins

The crepe sole moccasins are made out of rubber and offer extra comfort as well as durability. The wrinkled crepe texture of these shoes for men offers more traction on the pavement especially during the wet weather conditions. The crepe sole moccasins are a good choice for both, indoor and outdoor usage. All the moccasin shoes brands manufacture crepe sole moccasins for men.

Boat Sole Moccasins

The boat sole moccasins usually come with a white sole which is design especially to be non-marking. As the name clearly suggests, the boat sole moccasins were initially made for use on a boat deck for avoiding marring and scuffing. The boat shoes for men moccasins offer better traction in wet weather conditioners as compared to all other types of moccasins.

Boot Style Moccasins

If you are in search of footwear that could help you steer away from the traditional design of men's moccasins, the boot style moccasins are your premier choice. These moccasins have come with the introduction of laces and boast a suede upper. The thick rubber sole moccasins look similar like mens boots as these type of mens moccasins comes in different colors and patterns. The boot-style moccasins are lined for extra warmth and offer great ankle support.

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