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Loafers and driving mocks are cool, comfortable, casual, and simply perfect for the upcoming summer. Just pair them up with shorts and a white button down shirt and you get the look of the season. Loafers in Pakistan for men available at Kaymu are easy to wear as you can simply slide them on without the hassle of lacing them up. Buy the latest trends of the season from the renowned local and international Loafers brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes loafer, Ralph Lauren, Zappos, Mock, Armani and other best quality loafer shoes for men right here at Kaymu Shopping store. Enjoy a variety of smoking loafers, earl loafers, lodge loafers, track loafers, trading loafers, gentleman loafer and major loafers. These are available in a colorful range encasing colors as suede, Ferrari red, blue, mustard, classic brown, black, and Ferrari grey shades.

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They are available in different designs such as check patterns and designs. These are in the shape of a chessboard or a checkerboard, which is a simple yet elegant design. Stripes are also available on the loafers. Or if you prefer a classic style, then try the loafers with a design of a sleek knot on them. If you prefer something chic, then a trending style is of the front of the loafer to be a rich color with little or no design, and the sides of the loafer to have a design on them.

Two toned loafers are now trending, where the style of red & white in Louis Vuitton shoes is trendy as ever. The loafers are classic white, with ruby red borders and the LV letters written in ruby red as well.

Hermes Ferrari grey loafers are present in textured finish designs, with a smooth feel on the exterior along with great comfort on the interior. For formal occasions, loafers in premium quality leather are also available, with shiny black or brown wrinkled leather. The colour palette is diverse as well, encasing colors such as maroon and blue. Loafers for men are absolutely suitable for the office, and they can pull double time on the weekend The key is to strike a synchronization between classic styling with a modern fit, like a slender silhouette to bridge a split-toe construction with a penny strap.

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We also have top quality replicas of designer loafers which are just as good as the real thing if not better. Buy Tods, Gucci, Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, S&J Loafers, ermes Loafers, Lacoste Loafers, Louis Vuitton and many other branded replicas of men's loafers in Pakistan only at within best available variety of sandals for men in Pakistan.

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Oh the deer and its skin, which has been put to use for so many purposes that one cannot really count the benefits this one slender animal has been providing to the humankind. Loafer shoes that are normally made of deer skin and other leather material are available at Kaymu. The usual loafer shoes have a soft leather sole that is further stitched by a single leather piece on the upper part.

It is no surprise that with the growing sense of being fashionable, men too, have to compete with the changing trends. Loafer shoes in Pakistan are gaining traction owing to their unique manufacturing and look. Several great brands like Lark and Finch and Timberland are manufacturing exceptional designs in Loafer shoes for men. It is however, interesting to note that the history behind these is also fascinating. Order your pair of loafer shoes for men in Pakistan through Kaymu and enjoy wearing the best menswear available in town.

The Fascinating History Behind Loafer Shoes

Loafer shoes for men is said to have its origins in North America. Yes, way before the European plunderers invaded the American lands and turn them into slavery, there were great indigenous traditions that those natives used to enjoy. Almost all the traditions were wiped off by the colonial masters. One of them was hunting. The indigenous Americans used to wear moc-toe or loafer shoes when out for hunting. These type of men's shoes help them in running as the softness of these men's shoes is very helpful in running along the rough rocky surface.

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As the humankind progressed and realized the ignorance and brutality involved in killing animals and getting their skins ripped off from their flesh just to get our desires fulfilled. Down under is the biggest manufacturer of loafer shoes these days as the sheep shearers use to wear these shoes. But the process of manufacturing them has changed colossally. Instead of using animal skin, synthetic fibre and leather is used in making loafers for men. Even laced loafers are being made these days. Many in Pakistan have started wearing these loafer shoes as they are perfect wear.

Initially, however, they were majorly wore inside the household. But the number of designs and colors out in the market forces men to wear them on festive occasions as well.

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For The money-conscious people of Pakistan, it should be a big surprise that Kaymu has to offer these moccasins for men at great prices in Pakistan. Using Kaymu online shopping app you can place your order and get it delivered anywhere in Pakistan with cash on delivery. So, without wasting any moment, join the suave club of men in Pakistan by wearing the latest loafer shoes.

Loafers have undoubtedly gained extreme popular across men all over the world. The reason behind the popularity of loafers is that they are easy to wear and take off and do not have any complicated details. Moreover, they feel casual but look formal which makes them all-rounder shoes that are wearable with all kinds of dressing. They are lace-less shoes, low in height with ankle exposed, don't wrap around the ankle, have a separate sole and sometimes have a piece of leather across the vamp also called saddle.

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