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There is always an interestingly curious story behind the invention or discovery of some product/thing. Boat shoes, specifically, boat shoes for men have an interesting story as well. Made by Paul Sperry, an Italian guy who noticed his dog running on the ice without slipping much. That instigated the idea of boat shoes. As the name suggests, these shoes help you board a boat and its ambiance like dock and shore etc. As a matter of fact, as some parts of the rivers and islands are covered in snow these boat shoes help you walk over them as well with great ease. These shoes are also known as deck shoes or top siders.

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Latent History Of Boat Shoes For Men

Boat shoes after being manufactured by Paul Sperry are mostly known by his firm's name as well. Sperry, the leading boat shoe making company in the world operates from Italy and has its supplies all over the world. Furthermore, couple of more companies like Sebago and Timberland have exceptional quality in boat shoe making. Initially it was meant to be wore by the sailors, who used to navigate their way through the thundering waves of seas and rivers, and had to survive the severe weather conditions but it was only a matter of time when the design took it to streets. Now everywhere across the globe, mainly in the Western, it has become an everyday men's footwear with sundry designs and styles.

Boat Shoes Soles And Manufacturing

The distinctive mark on the boat shoes is the thread that is stitched on the upper corners of the shoes. Usually, it is white leather thread woven into the brown or black leather but these days there are scores of other colors as well making their way into the boat shoes. Since sailors in the past used to be men, just like any other profession, the trend is still among the men to wear boat shoes. These shoes are usually wear without socks on. Moreover, another kind of complementary men's clothing is the knee length cotton-cum-denim shorts that looks good with boat shoes for men.

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