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Are you looking for premium quality men's bags in Pakistan online? You need searching no more as Kaymu's online marketplace is at your service with the right men's bags that would not only make protect your valuables but would also help adding to your persona. The range of men's bags available at Kaymu includes bags from all renowned brands. No matter the size, design and color that you may require, the sellers at Kaymu have them all covered for your convenience. Apart from everything, Kaymu facilitates its buyers and sellers by providing 100% reliable delivery service. Moreover, the most reliable payment mode i.e. cash on delivery makes it possible for you to pay only when you have your product finally at your doorstep. What more could you expect from an experience?

Types of Bags for Men Available Online

Picking just right bag out of the massive variety of bags for men available at the online marketplace can undoubtedly be a daunting task. So Kaymu has created a guide to help you buy the daily and travel bags that truly define your needs.


These are the most useful and most popular bags for all the professional men out there. The briefcases are especially for men who aim to look professional ad refined. There are also attached cases available at Kaymu for all the professionals out there. These classic bags are a great help in carrying books, papers and many other products that a man needs on daily basis. The briefcases are usually made out of a hard shell to help protect the documents and all the important stuff stored within. Moreover, the businessmen who need traveling with their laptops and gadgets should also opt for briefcases available at Kaymu.

Book Bags

As the name implies, they look just like a book. The book bags are a branch of the tote and messenger bags. They comprise simple compartments that are free from dividers and the pockets. The book bags feature full over-the-shoulder or cross-body straps in order to provide extra comfort when traveling or moving around. Men who usually attend colleges or seminars, carry book bags with all their requirements. You may find a complete range of men's travel bags in Pakistan at Kaymu's online shopping community.

Tote Bags

Men who are looking for the simplest bag that could help them carry books and their food items and even the paper documents for their daily use, there are tote bags especially for men, available at Kaymu. The tote bags are made out of a simple cotton or canvas with two straps for holding. These are not professional bags for business persons or marketing professionals but are good for carrying regular stuff on a casual day.

Duffle Bags

The duffle bags for men are good for all those who want to carry their clothing from one place to another on a regular basis. The best example is gym suit that men require carrying from home to gym and back each day. The duffle bags are big enough to carry all your clothing as well as the accessories/kits that you may require for exercise or for anything. The zippered compartments and interior zippered mesh bag in duffle bags is made especially for storing undergarments and toiletries. Usually the duffle bags feature two straps that let men carry the bag by hand. They are also known as the messenger bags for men in Pakistan.


As the name suggests, men's backpacks are made to be held on the back by two over the shoulder straps. The backpacks are usually popular among the students but are also used by professionals who do not require being strictly formal during their work hours. Many people also call them shoulder bags for men since they are held over the shoulders via straps.

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