The Kaymu Karavan Completes its Exciting Journey


Three cities, twenty locations, and ten days later, the Kaymu Karavan has finally completed its adventurous journey through Pakistan. The Kaymu Karavan began its journey from Karachi, drove up to Lahore, and then made a stop at Rawalpindi/Islamabad for the final phase of the campaign.

#KaymuKaravan: Journey Through Pakistan

This is the #KaymuKaravan . Witness the journey across Pakistan! The people of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad saw firsthand what is all about.

Posted by on Saturday, June 20, 2015

We were able to intercept and educate thousands of people about Kaymu on the streets of these mega cities. The objective of this initiative was to spread awareness about Kaymu and educating people about the convenience of being a part of no.1 online shopping community in Pakistan.

Throughout the activity, the Kaymu Karavan was flocked by people interested in understanding the process of buying and selling on Kaymu.

The Kaymu Karavan also distributed 2,000 discount vouchers during the drive. In addition to that, the Karavan was able to convince multiple offline shopkeepers to take their businesses online.

Karachi: 5th of June - 8th of June

Lahore: 11th of June - 14th of June

Rawalpindi & Islambad: 16th of June - 17th of June