I Dream Of A Pakistan

This Independence Day, Kaymu is beautifying the walls of Karachi with graffiti and patriotic messages. Kaymu is giving every Paksitani a chance to share their dream for Pakistan with everyone!

We have drawn some very eye-catching creatives on 10 different prominent wall spots in Karachi, with an empty speech bubble in them.

#IDreamOfAPakistan Teaser

#IDreamOfAPakistanStay tuned for more updates.

Posted by on Saturday, August 8, 2015

Now we are running a Social Media campaign with the hasgtag #IDreamOfAPakistan:

"Have you spotted these wall arts in Karachi? Want to see your message etched on them? This independence day, Kaymu gives you a chance to share your dream for Pakistan with everyone! Share your messages by completing 'I Dream Of A Pakistan….' The best messages selected would be pasted in these empty speech bubbles"

On 14th August, the best 10 messages we receive on our social media will be graffitied across Karachi along with the names of the contributors!

So start posting and tweeting #IDreamOfAPakistan! You also can follow the initiative on Facebook