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Over the course of time, entertainment has become a huge part of everyday life. Some people watch movies or seasons while others opt to listen to music. For people who are music fans or want to have some low key entertainment in their homes, they should opt to have home speakers in Pakistan.

There are a number of different home speakers available at to choose from. Each one offers its own set of features along with different home speakers price in Pakistan.

Home Speaker Types

When you are to buy home speakers online, the first thing you need to consider is the type of the speaker you want to buy.

  • Floor Standing Speakers:

Floor standing speakers are known to give the best performance level there is. They produce a wide range of frequencies that give out a better sound than many other types of speakers. This includes a range of deep bass as well. Edifier home speakers are considered to be the largest types of speakers when it comes to stereo music setups and work best for a room-filling sound.

  • Bookshelf Speakers:

Bookshelf speakers deliver the best of performance there is along with being present in a large variety of sizes as well. They are generally small in size so that they can easily fit into a shelf or a cabinet. For people who have to fill in a small-to-medium sized room, they should go for this type. You can add a powered subwoofer to this if you want to reinforce the deep bass.

  • Powered Computer Speakers:

Powered portable computer speakers are considered to be one the best options for people who want to keep them in closed spaces such as small rooms or dorm rooms.

Home Speakers Specifications

Whether you are buying Audionic home speakers or Philips ones, you need to have a clear understanding of the specifications present on them. These will help make you make a better choice. They are as follows:

  • Frequency Response:

The frequency response is the frequency range that the speaker can produce. A speaker is provided with an audio signal at a certain level along with a frequency which is used to create the amount of loudness. It is recommended to look for a speaker that can reproduce a large range as possible.

  • Impedance:

Impedance refers to the electric resistance that an amplifier encounters when it is driven against a speaker. Most of the speakers are made in such a way that they have an 8-ohm impedance present which works for most of the home equipment. If you want to have a consistent response, all the speakers should have the same impedance level.

  • Sensitivity:

Sensitivity for the speakers is how loud the speaker can deliver the audio per watt of power. The more the sensitivity level, the less the power needed in the speaker to achieve a high volume. Low sensitivity range is around 88 decibels per watt and high sensitivity is 100 decibels per watt.