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Eyes are one of the most important feature on a person's face. Women who have big, prominent eyes are considered to be very attractive. Thousands of rupees are spent annually on products that make eyes appear more attractive. Good fashion requires women to beautify their eyes in a way that is not too bold, while simultaneously giving off the effect of big and noticeable eyes. For this purpose, eye shadows kits, eye liners and other eye makeup come in handy.

Buy eye shadows palettes in Pakistan that have a variety of eye makeup which can be mixed and matched to create subtle or dramatic looks. For women who are looking for online stores in Pakistan that are safe to shop from are at the right place. Kaymu is providing their buyers with a secure online marketplace where everything is available under one roof. Whichever eye makeup products that the buyers are looking for are offered here. There are millions of products by different brands available here at affordable prices.

There are several discount deals offered to the buyers which reduce the cost of products. Also there are several bundle deals like buy one get one free and women can also get several kits at one reduced price. Eye makeup kits price in Pakistan at Kaymu are made very cheap. Women can get the best quality products at the cheapest price rates.

Different Types of Eye Makeup Products

There are different types of eye makeup that women want. There are several popular brands that have introduced their range of eye makeup.

Eye Liners

There is wide range of eyeliners for women available at Kaymu. Eyeliners in Pakistan are available in a number of forms, ranging from gel eyeliners to eye lashes. Liners make the eyes look bigger and more prominent. The trend of wearing bold eyeliner is not only a trend in Pakistan but all over the world. We can see beauty bloggers and gurus constantly talking about how to apply the perfect winged eyeliner and eyeliner for daily wear. There are so many different ways in which women can apply eye liner. A plain black kajal pencil is perhaps the most versatile out of all the eye makeup products as it can be used to line the eyes as well as create shadows on the lid. To create a complete look, one should never forget to dab a little bit of highlighter just below the eye brow to create the right proportion of light and dark. For eye brows, filling pencils are an essential since properly shaped eyebrows frame the face and give a polished look.


Mascaras add a lot of volume to the eyelashes which gives a very dramatic and bold look. For women who have less eyelashes can also get false eyelashes and then apply mascara to make them look more natural. There are different colors for mascara as well which include; neutral colors like black and brown and bold colors like blue, purple and so on forth.


When is it comes to buying the perfect eyeshades for yourself, it is very important to know the kind of look you are going for. For everyday wear, get a palette that has neutral colors and for more formal events, you can get darker tones and even glitter eyeshadows. Get the best eyeshade makeup for yourself at Kaymu and choose from a wide variety of brands. Women can choose from matte colors to shimmery and even glittery. Whichever shades that you feel suit you, get them right away at Kaymu.

Eye Primers

The concept of eye primers was not very popular till now by the help of beauty and fashion gurus. Women all over the world have faced the problem of their makeup not lasting for a long time especially the eyes makeup. For that problem there is a simple solution called eye primer. The purpose of an eye primer is very simple, it acts like a foundation for your eyes and keeps the eye makeup last for a long time. There are several different brands that have introduced their line of eye primers which make the eye makeup last for an entire day without getting it smudged. Primers work great for events where you cannot retouch your makeup after every few hours.

Buy your Favorite Eyes Makeup Online in Pakistan

Kaymu understands the fact that the term eye makeup is not limited to a single or few products but includes a variety of products that are designed for enhancing the natural appearance of your eyes. This is why you can find full variety of other make-up products manufactured by the world's renowned cosmetics brands.

Kaymu is offering women with secure platform for online shopping in Pakistan. The quality of all the products is excellent and are sold by verified sellers. Whichever products that buyers choose to buy will be delivered to them anywhere in Pakistan. With a cash on delivery feature, shopping online at Kaymu is stress-free. So go ahead and choose from thousands of makeup products and get the perfect one for yourself or loved ones. Have a nice shopping experience here!

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